Publication Outlets - DNC3ALED - Knowledge and power in a polycentric world: discourses across languages, cultures and space


There are several options for participants who are interested in publishing their contributions to the DNC3-ALED Congress. 


  1. Working papers can be submitted to the DiscourseNet Working Paper Series (any language). Click here for more information
  2. Full papers (in English) can be submitted to the peer-reviewed open access journal Palgrave Communications (Palgrave MacMillan), for inclusion in the article collection 'Discourse Studies: theories and methodologies at the crossroads of language and society'. Click here for more information on the submission process or for access to published papers in this journal. 
  3. For those interested in publishing monographs or edited volumes (in English), we offer access to the Palgrave Macmillan book series "Postdisciplinary Studies in Discourse". For more information, click here


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