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The second DiscourseNet Spring School will focus on the Critical usage of Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed-Method Software in Discourse Studies. The goal is to explore and experience the possibilities and limitations of software usage in discourse related research. As such, this school seeks to foster both critical awareness and knowledge about the way software can (not) be used in this interdisciplinary field of inquiry.

Technology is never neutral. The design and usage of any technology are always informed by implicit and explicit presuppositions about data, knowledge, reality, meaning, interpretation and subjectivity. Technologies shape and transform the objects it operates on – no matter if these objects are things or people. Keeping this principle in mind, this school offers a unique opportunity for beginning researchers to present their questions, doubts and ideas on using software in their discourse related analyses.


We welcome researchers from all field - linguistics, literature, ethnography, anthropology, communication studies, sociology, political science - interested in critical perspectives on discourse, on methodology,  and on discourse analysis. No prior knowledge about these tools is required. The goals is to get acquainted with a variety of options for doing digital discourse analysis. A non-exclusive list of topics to be covered includes:


We provide an introduction into key theoretical, heuristic and practical issues regarding research design in computer-assisted discourse analysis. We offer three interactional workshops focusing on the use of quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods software in discourse studies. After each workshop, participants will present ongoing research projects so they can receive feedback from fellow researchers. 


Candidates may work with data as varied as interview transcripts, focus groups, ethnographic observations, multimodal and/or mediatized data from quantitative and qualitative perspectives. We aim for a diverse group of participants working with a variety of perspectives ranging from interactional and pragmatic approaches to discourse to the more abstract poststructuralist discourse theories, and anything in between and beyond. 


The deadline for application is October 31st. Students may expect a decision on their application on November 15th. The spring school itself takes place from March 21st to March 24th.


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