What is DN CWPS?

The DiscourseNet Collaborative Working Paper Series (DN CWPS) reflects ongoing research activity at the intersection of language and society. Prolonging the activities and publications of DiscourseNet, it welcomes contributions which actively engage in a dialogue across the disciplines.


Why should you submit your working paper to DN CWPS?

The DN CWPS is not “just another working paper series”. The DN CWPS is much more collaborative in spirit, as it gives you a constructive response by two experts as well as offering you the opportunities for social networking with researchers in your field of expertise. The goal of DN CWPS is supporting, extending and deepening debate, hence each accepted paper will obtain two reviews from experts in the paper's field. Both comments will be published in the appendix of the paper. Additionally, every author will be invited to the upcoming DiscourseNet meeting to present the paper and to get in touch with the commentators and other discourse researchers.


Do you want to know more about DiscourseNet CWPS?

Please download the Call for Proposal (CfP) or contact Jens Maesse (jens.maesse@sowi.uni-giessen.de) or Saša Bosančić (sasa.bosancic@phil.uni-augsburg.de).  






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discourseX ; CultureX ; IdeologyX ; political discoursesX ; Translation StudiesX ; Critical Discourse AnalysisX ; ÉducationX ; DiscourseX ; ReligionX ; Media DiscourseX
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