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DN represents Discourse Studies, broadly understood as a field studying the social production of meaning in the entanglements of language and power.


DN provides an open, egalitarian, multilingual and critical space for discourse scholars from all disciplinary and geographic backgrounds.


DN offers a forum for exchanging ideas developed in the many strands and schools in Discourse Studies.


DN encourages critical, democratic reflection on societal issues as well as practical science-based interventions in the public realm.


Funded by the European Research Council (ERC DISCONEX) and other research institutions, this network brings together discourse analysts from the social sciences and humanities in Europe. Since 2006, regular meetings have facilitated the debate among different disciplinary and national tendencies in Discourse Studies. Open to everybody interested in discourse research, DiscourseNet now focuses on building up an international community through this website. More information on DiscourseNet publications and the book series can be found here. Please contact Johannes Angermuller if you want to get in touch. A Temporary DiscourseNet Board has been formed.



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tags & keywords: Mediated Discourse Analysis; Discourse; Critical Discourse Analysis; language ideology; political discourses; education; Media Discourse; Narrative Theory; power; anthropology; analisi del discorso
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